Bright Imbolc, everyone! I’m posting a day later than I intended as I’ve been so busy enjoying the blessings brought forth during this time of year! Warm (to me!) weather, 24F LOL- hey.. it was just -40F the other day & this feels miraculous, windows cracked open basking in sunshine. Wood stove cleaned out and re-lit. New job at an amazing tattoo shop..I love to love where I work! Accomplishing my goals little by little & I hope you all are as well!
I wrote an Imbolc tarot spread along with some information about this mid-winter holiday and Paige created the following graphics–>

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Full Moon in Leo

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
― Paulo Coelho


Last night we experienced this year’s only TOTAL lunar eclipse!
Tonight, our first full moon of 2019 is a powerful one, exact at 0 degrees Leo! The Leo full Moon forms a Grand Fire Trine tonight with Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Aries. This full Moon phase is mainly affected by Uranus which means expect the unexpected! Both the Moon and Mercury are forming a square with Uranus which can create disruptions in your plans, mood swings..basically just try to keep your cool when forces beyond your control interfere with anything you have going on- A good rule of thumb for any day but especially when Uranus is in hard aspect to the ever emotional full moon and mental Mercury!
In order to help you sort through & refocus this energy I collaborated with Paige from to create a tarot spread! I write tarot spreads for moon phases and holidays and Paige does all the artwork/design.
Here is the one we did for the Full Moon in Leo:

Thank you for visiting my first blog post! Join me again on February 1st to celebrate Imbolc!